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A new year to be enriched – A Blog Series : Part I

This month I will be sharing about the things I conquered, completed and best decisions I made in 2021 to: nurture and level up my business, make my health a priority, and the individuals that have supported my success!

To begin this series, I am excited to share a commission I completed at the very end of December featuring 3 young sisters in an embrace.

Ella (Left), Grace (Middle), Lily (Right)

This piece illustrates their unbreakable bond rooted in their strong love for each other.

The background pattern is inspired by icons found in the inner lining of books from the Madenataran in Armenia. I created it to be reminiscent of tapestry illustrating a garden full of different shapes of flowers representing the individualities of each daughter, always knowing they are sewn out of the same cloth.

The young ladies are dressed in traditional Armenian garments portraying their cultural heritage which is planted in their strong familial roots.
The primary colors of their garments are blue, the girls’ favorite color as well as being the hue which signifies the clarity of the blue skies, stimulating the feelings of eternal hope and peace.

Ella (Left), Grace (Middle), Lily (Right)

Ella’s (left) headpiece is adorned with the diamond shape which represents the preciousness of these three young ladies as well as being an icon which symbolizes femininity and harmony. The diamond shape has been used throughout the centuries in Armenian art.
Grace’s (middle) headpiece’s central image is of an iconic shape which is always present in Armenian khachkars and carpet patterns. This shape’s central foundation is the cross representing the family’s strong Christian faith.
Lily’s (right) headpiece highlights an ancient Armenian icon of the sun as she recently gracefully fought and won a battle with cancer. She shines as bright and powerful as the sun, which always promises a new day and a new beginning.

This is a Christ-centered family illustrated with Lily holding a bible in her hand. The design is reminiscent of her own bible’s cover. The 3 flowers on her dress are strategically placed to grow out of the pages as this is a family who loves the Lord and is being raised and cultivated with His word, in His breath, knowing and living in His never ending love.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to dig deep into my Armenian roots with this piece, sharing a story that resonates with me as well in my personal battles throughout my cancer journey and especially the hope found in the Christian faith.

I won’t be accepting any new commissions for quite some time however you can join my waiting list here to be updated once commission requests have reopened!

Thank you for reading, and Happy New Year!


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