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A New Year to Be Enriched: A Blog Series- Part III Building a Support System

Growing My Team

 In 2021, I made the decision to grow my team in both business and personally. Having a support system that can help me manage my time, art, products, motivation, and peace of mind has granted me more success in my business and in my personal life than I could have ever imagined. I firmly believe to be able to grow, you need to surround yourself with people that will continue to lift you up.

At the beginning of 2021, I hired my assistant, Mariline Mardirian, to oversee fulfillment, inventory and customer service. My business would have come to a complete stop without her.

She cares about me first and foremost and takes care of my business as if it was her own, not just as a 9-5 job. She’s always smiling, ALWAYS truthful and always loving. She always has chocolate available and is a shining example of the type of people I always want to surround  myself with.

 In June of 2021, I hired Kenzie Gargiulo @creativetimecounts, my virtual assistant. Kenzie keeps me accountable to show up every day and to get on a schedule to consistently share my life, business and art practices with the people who like to hear from me. She points out things I never would have noticed. She is organized, thoughtful, loving and kind. She has brought a level of professionalism to my business that I was lacking on social media and in my digital communication.

Coaching and Guidance 

Annamieka Hopps Davidson @annamieka_ is my business and art practice mentor. I can not say enough great things about Annamieka! She is like a weekly camera that goes into my heart and shows my mind what my heart needs. She has guided me in clarifying my art practice and business goals. She is my mentor, my friend, my sounding board who listens to every word I say intently and replies with real, attainable and most times out of the box suggestions and solutions which have helped me not just grow as an artist but as a person and have elevated my business while honoring everything that is true to me.

OH my dear Dr. Grace, my psychiatrist. I love her to bits. She monitors my mental health and helps me put things in perspective so lovingly. She explains the biological reasons of why I experience certain emotions and gives me real life tools on how to make them better. I can’t wait to meet with her every week!


This is my superstar team of rockstars that make my art practice, business and day to day life flow easier. Their presence in my life allows me to enjoy my days to the fullest with my beautiful family.


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