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A Year to Be Enriched – A Blog Series: Part II My Health Journey

In my previous blog post, A New Year to be enriched – A Blog Series: Part 1, I spoke about the many things planned for 2022 and all of the ways I am bringing more joy and focus on the important things such as my health and making more time for art! 

Here’s a quick health update: It has been 18 months since my cancer diagnosis-can you believe that?- and 16 months since my cancer surgery. 

I’ve had a few procedures since then which I documented over on my Instagram (along with the impromptu art I made while in the hospital).


drum roll please……

The doctors have told me that I am cancer free!!!

Praise the Lord!

I have multiple routine follow up screenings scheduled in January to check on my progress. I have been so grateful for your love and support through it all. I would be so thankful if you can continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers for my screenings. 

In the last few months of 2021, I also felt my auto-immune disorder’s symptoms creeping up and it has reminded me most importantly to always prioritize my health, physical and mental.

So, I am committing to a healthy lifestyle for 2022 by doing the following to start:
  1.  Daily 30 minute walks with my fur babies, Bacheeg and Booboo.
  2.  Touch paint at least 5 minutes per day. My amazing mentor, Annamieka Hopps Davidson, urged me to touch paint (make art) for at least 5 minutes per day. It all started when I shared with her how stressed I was feeling for not having any time to create. Even though I love what I do, my art has been taking a backseat to the business side of things. This exercise changed my whole mindset in less than just a few days! I realized touching base with my art materials even for 5 minutes a day kept me engaged and inspired. See what I’ve been creating over in my Instagram stories.
  3. Continuing my weekly telemedicine sessions with my amazing Grace, Dr. Grace that is! She has a talent for putting things in perspective for me and I always feel 100% better after our call.
  4. I am documenting everything I eat in My Fitness Pal which has made me more mindful of what is going in my body. It’s been eye opening to say the least.
  5. Making sure I walk away from my office by 5:00 pm every day to give my mind a break and spend quality time with my family.

These are not resolutions. I refuse to call them that. They are part of my ongoing adjustments to live my best life and always make sure to check in with myself to make sure I am spending my days joyfully and purposely.

Bird Yogi

“Bird Yogi”, a member of my Tweet Town mini series, reminding me to take care of my health!


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