Armenian Names
& their Roots

A crucial aspect of a race’s survival is upholding traditions and passing them down to future generations.

One of the most overlooked traditions which has been on the verge of extinction for Armenians in the diaspora has been the naming of Armenian names. Modern parents are opting for more universal names when it comes to naming their babies. Yet the fact is that giving a child a name that has ethnic roots ties them to their heritage. It becomes the first step in teaching them where their ancestors come from and instills pride in their ethnicity. My father was very adamant that Armenian children should be given authentic Armenian names. This has become a very important mission for me too, as I strive to carry on his legacy. I have researched, sourced, and actually created some names that I feel are beautiful and modern, as a resource for new parents to revive this part of our important traditions – by being able to access the resulting list of names for free, and finding inspiration in it. I have heard over and over again that one of the reasons that Armenian names are passed over is that they are hard to pronounce for non-Armenians. And I say, “What’s wrong with that?” Guiding a person to pronounce your name correctly creates interest, and opens the door for conversations which in turn create empathy.

Please note that I’m not an expert in this field. I’m just fascinated by it, and it’s why I’ve lovingly spent months researching the names and their roots listed here.

I have also included words which I personally thought would make great new names. Again, I am NOT an expert in this field. If you feel there need to be any corrections or there are names I’ve missed, please email me and let me know. My biggest source of information was Ohannes Hannessian’s Dictionary of Armenian Names. This book is wonderful because it has 1,500 names and includes their Armenian spellings as well. The link I’m including is from Abril Bookstore in Glendale, California but it is also available at Sardarabad Bookstore, likewise in Glendale. Please consider supporting local, small businesses. Abril and Sardarabad Bookstores are essential businesses in providing invaluable resources for Armenians in the diaspora to learn about and share Armenian history, language, and culture. We need them to stay and thrive. Even if some of their products cost a few dollars more, consider it a small contribution to the preservation of Armenian culture.

(This is NOT a sponsored ad for the book nor the stores.)

Girls Names


Abril -1.to live 2. Month of April

Adrine – of the Adriatic Sea 

Aida – prosperous, happy  

Aik – dawn, daybreak, morning 

Aiki – vineyard  

Aghavni – dove 

Aleni – dzovanush mermaid

Alice/Alis/Alisa/Alisia/Alicia – modern variation of Alidz.   

Alidz – joyous, merry, gentle  

Alin/Aline – Bearer or transporter of Light. Roots are German or Irish  

Alique/Alik – wave of the ocean  

Almasd/Almast – diamond (Persian origin) 

Alvart – red rose  

Alenoush – sweet white wave  

Alyag – small wave  

Amalia/Amalig/Amala – Industrious one 

Amar– summer 

Amasia – A village and rural community in the Shirakprovince of Armenia

Anahid/Ano – goddess of Armenian mythology representing family and fertility 

Anayis – A variant of Anahid 

Anca – Armenian National Committee of America. My creation for children of couples who met through ANCA!   

Ani – ancient capital of Armenia  

Ania – A variant of Ani  

Anig – A diminutive of Ani  

Ankin/Ankine – priceless  

Anush – sweet, nice 

Anoushig – pretty 

Antaram – eternal flower, evergreen 

Antsrev – rain 

Arakil (Ah-rah-keel), Արաքիլ -stork, the bird

Araksya/Araxia , Արաքսիա – variation of Arax  

Arax / Araxie (Ah-rox, Ah-roxie), Արաքս/ Արաքսի – a river in Armenia, national river for Armenians 

Araz – used interchangeably for one of the largest rivers in the Caucasus, Arax River, with one of its borders being Armenia.  

Arda – unknown origin, granddaughter of Roupen !, known as the King of Cilicia 

Ardemis – 1. healthy  2. Greek Goddess 

Arin – A village in Armenia 

Areni – A village in Armenia famous for it’s wine. Formerly called Arpa  

Arev/Arevig – sun 

Arkina – was a small city or district in medieval Armenia located near Ani. 

Arin/Areen – assumed to be  from Arun meaning blood  

Arineh – brave woman 

Armani – Armenian woman. Mountain in Armenia

Armenouhi – Armenian woman. Feminine of Armen 

Armig – 1.short for Armine. 2.derived from the Armenian mythological name Armaniag. 3. Head of  Armenian race

Armine – modern feminine variant of Armen 

Arous – Short for Arousiag 

Arousiag – the planet Venus  

Arpa – a river in Armenia.  

Arpeni – fancy name for the sun, modern varian for Arpi 

Arpi/Arpig/Arpine – sunshine, the rising sun. also the name of a village in Armenia. 

Arshalooys – dawn, sunrise  

Arus, Arousiag – Venus, shining, light emiting   

Arsine – feminine of Arsen 

Arsho – diminutive of Arsahalooys -dawn 

Asdghig – small star, Armenian Goddess corresponding to Venus  

Ashken – On of the Queens of ancient Armenia   

Ashoun – autumn 

Azaduhi/Azadig – Feminine of Azad, free, independent  

Azniv – kind


Baydsar/Baidzar – bright 

Barig/Parig – fairy  

Berjouhie/ Berj – superb, abundant, luxurious  


Carnie/Carni/Garni – a village in the Kotayk Province of Armenia known for the Temple of Garni 

Chinar/Cheenar – the plane tree  

Chiva/Shiva – A village in Armenia 


Dalita – pure 

Datev – An Armenian monastary. Also spelled Tatev 

Davigh , Տաւիղ – Ancient Armenian harp

Decille – vision 

Derev – leaf 

Dikranuhi/ Diko – the feminine version of Dikran-1.fighter with arrow 2.Armenian emperor  

Dirouhi – princess, lady  

Dvin – the capital city of early Armenia

Dzia – short for Dziadzan meaning rainbow 

Dziadzan – rainbow 

Dzaghig – flower 

Dziran, Ծիրան – apricot

Dzirani , Ծիրանի – color of apricot

Dzovig – small ocean 


Gadar – summit

Gaia – short for Gayane 

Gali –  Female version of Galoust, meaning arrival.

Garni – The last remaining pagean temple in Armenia  

Garin – city in Western Armenia, now called Erzroom

Garine – from the city of Garin 

Garod – longing  

Gateel , Կաթիլ drop of water or Rain drop

Gasia/Gacia – cinnamon tree

Gayane – Referring to St. Gayane, a 4th century Armenian Apostolic church 

Grag (guh-rawg), Կրակ – fire


Hamesd – Modest 

Hasmig – Jasmine  

Haverj – eternal

Hayarpi – Armenian Sunrise 

Hayastan – Armenia 

Heghine – basket full of beautiful roses 

Hera – short for Heranoush  

Heranoush – one with beautiful hair 

Houri – fiery 

Houshigmemory. ig suffix makes it a term of endearment

Hooys – hope  

Hripsime – A 7th century Armenian Apostolic church in Armenia  


Isgouhi – authentic woman 


Jebid – smile 

Joud/ Joudig – chickadee  

Jrak (juh-rock) – spark


Kami – strong wind

Karoon – Spring  

Keghetsig – Beautiful, very pretty, stunning 

Knar – lyre  

Kohar/Gohar – precious gem 


Lar – musical instrument strings

Lara – pleasant

Lareen/Larine , Լարին – Ancient Armenian currency

Lelag – lilac 

Lena – charming woman Latin in origin 

Lim, Leem – an island in Lake Van in Armenia

Looys – light 

Lor – quail

Lori – region in Armenia 

Lorig – young quail

Loreni  Linden tree

Lory – linden tree

Louisa – derivitive of Looys – light

Lousig – small light

Lousin/Lousine/Lusineh – moon

Luseres ,  Լուսերես – face with a bright and radiant glow


Maneh –derived from the word manana meaning “semolina”

Manish/Manishag/Manoushag – violet

Maral – 1-beautiful 2- deer 

Maralik – A town in Armenia

Markrid – pearl, daisy

Mayis – The month of May

Medaks Մետաքս  silk 

Medaksya , Մետաքսիա – made of silk

Meghety – melody  

Meghri – 1-A region in Armenia 2-diminutive of meghr meaning honey 


Nanor – sleep, lullaby

Nareh – color of pomegranate 

Narin (Naw-reen), Նարին – The part of the branch of the pomegranate tree that has the fruit and flowers.

Narod – the crown in the Armenian wedding crowning ceremony

NayiriHistorically, Nayiri has been used interchangeably with the name Armenia. In official documentation, the Kingdom of Urartu (590 BC) is referred to as the lands of Nayiri. The literal translation is the land of canyons or river.  

Naz/Nazani/Nazeli/Nazig – graceful 

Nectar – Nectar 

Noji – tree 

Noor – pomegranate

Noushig – small almond

Nuneh – Clean, holy

Nvart – newly blossomed rose 

Nver – gift


Orig – day -ig is a suffix used as a term of endearment

Oror – lullaby

Ovsanna/Ovsan/Osig – benediction, praise


Pailoon – shines brightly

Paleni (paw-leh-nee), Բալենի – cherry

Palig –  child

Pardi – tree

Pareli – embraceable, lovely

Pari – kind

Pareen/Parin , Բարին –femine for Kind or good natured

Parik – kindness

Patil – snowflake

Payla – short for Pailadzou, planet of Mercury

Paze´ (Paw-zeh), Բազէ – falcon

Pegor (Peh-gore), Բէկոր– piece, fragment

Peri – fairy

Pergri/Pega – short for Pergrouhie meaning “delight”

Pergrouhi – Cheerful-female

Perouz – precious stone 

Pouregh – Crystal 


Rehan – basil 


Salpi – cypress tree

Sanahin – name of an Armenian monastery 

Sanan –  

Sarig – small mountain 

Sarin/Sarine – the best rose (of mountain)

Ser / Serig– love 


Serli – full of love 

Sevan – famous lake in Armenia and the daughter of a famous Armenian artist 🙂  

Sevatch – one with black eyes

Shaghig – light rain 

Shakar – sugar

Shogher – sunrays 

Shushan/ Shushig – the flower Lily 

Shushi – A city in Artsakh 

Sina/Sinam –  peacock 

Silva – forest , garden , vineyard ( Latin roots) 

Sira – from love

Sireli – dear

Siran/Siranoush – sweet love 

Sirarpi – love of the sun

Siroon – pretty, lovely

Sirouhi – sweetheart, darling

Sirov (See-Rove) , Սիրով – with love

Sirvart – rose of love

Sis – a town in the Ararat Province of Armenia

Sona (So-nah), Սօնա –  A tall woman. Prevalent in the Van region and belonging to the Van dialect. 

Sosse – 1. Plane tree 2. The name of an Armenian Freedom Fighter – Sosse Mayrig

Sossi – plane tree 

Srpouhi/Srpoug – female saint 

Suineh – a mountain in Armenia 


Takuhi, Takush – queen

Tatev – A village in Armenia. Also spelled Datev

Talar – evergreen 

Tali – diminutive of Talar

Talin – A town in Armenia 

Tamar – island and province in Armenia

Tangakin – precious, valuable 

Tavush – One of the provinces in Armenia

Tsoler /Tsoline/Tshoghig/ Tsolig – reflection 


Van/ Vana/Vaughn –  city and lake in ancient Armenia

Vaneni/Vaneh – of crystal 

Vanuhi – woman from the city of Van

Vanya – made of crystal

Varsenig/Varseh – woman with beautiful hair

Vart/Vartoug/Vartoush/ Vartuhi – Rose

Varteni – rose bush

Varter –  bouquet of roses 

Vehig – majestic, noble 

Vehanoush , Վեհանուշ – Noble and sweet

Vosgee – gold 


Yar – sweetheart

Yeran/Yerani – lucky, blessed 

Yeva – Eve – as in Adam and Eve 

Yeraz – dream  

Yerchanig – joyful 


Zabel – The name of an ancient Armenian queen 

Zaroug/ Zarouhi – golden

Zartar – ornament 

Zepure – breeze  

Zvart – joyous

Boys Names


Abril – 1-to live 2- Month of April

Acher – eyes

Adis – short for Avedis meaning good news

Adour – short for Asdvadsadour meaning gift from God

Agheg – good,well,kind

Amas – short for Amasia meaning Force of God 

Amour – tight, solid , strong , firm

Anoushavan – 1. immortal soul 2. Dedicated to the Forest of Sosi

Andar – forest

Anti/Antranig/ Anto/Antreas – grand, oldest member, usually referring to the first born son

Antsrev – rain

Apov – assured by hope of God

Ara – Armenian mythological name which symbolizes the spring

Arad : abundant

Arakadz – a mountain in Armenia which means “throne of Armenia”

Arakel – disciple of Jesus

Aram/Arameh/Aramig – The Father of Ara Keghetsig, also means Excellency or Highness

Arameh – excellency, highness

Aramayis – Armenian mythological name 2.mild, sweet, good tempered in Assyrian 

Ararat/Ararad – mount Ararat

Araz – The name of a river in Armenia

Arek, Arekag  – sun

Archoug – bear cub

Ardashes/Ardash – prince of justce

Ardsat – silver

Ardziv – Eagle

Arek/ Arekag – Sun god in Armenian mythology

Aren – spelled with ra- gift from God Arnvadz Ehyootyoonnen Asdoodzmeh. Spelled with reh, a city in Armenia

Arev – sun

Arevshad – long life, in eternal sun

Ari – brave

Arin/Areen – assumed to be  from Arun meaning blood

Arka – king

Arman/Armen – Armenian

Armavir – First capital of Armenia

Armen/Armenag/Armeni/Armig/Armo/Aro – 1.derived from the Armenian mythological name Armaniag. 2. Head of  Armenian race

Armig – 1.short for Armine. 2.derived from the Armenian mythological name Armaniag. 3. Head of  Armenian race

Arnag – A man with strength and high energy, virile.

Argishd –Name of an  ancient Armenian king

Arpoun – real force

Arsen – virile male

Arshag – bear cub

Arshalooys – Dawn

Artar – just, fair

Arti – modern, of the times

Artsvi – of an eagle as in artsvi teveruh (wings of an eagle)

Artik – A city in Armenia’s Shirak province

Artoon – awake, alert

Arudz – lion

Asadoor – short for Asdvadzadoor meaning “given by God”

Asbed – knight

Ashod – Armenian king, founder of the Pakradouni Dynasty

Atam – 1. Man 2. Adam of Adam and Eve

Avak – great

Avo/ Avedis/ Aved / Avig – Goog news

Azad – liberated

Aznavour – giant man, titan, hero


Barkev – gift

Barooyr – 1. circuit, ring, circle 2. The name of a famous poet and author, Barooyr Sevag

Barkev – presence, to endow as in barkevel

Bartev – Tall 

Baykar – perseverence 

Berj – superb, abundant, luxurious

Boghos – minor


Chan/Chanig/Jan – soul

Charentz – 1. Naughty, mischievous 2. The last name of famous author, Yeghisheh Charentz

Chiva – A village in Armenia

Christapor – 1. Armenian version of Christopher, Christ-bearer. 2.Also the names of Armenian freedom fighter Christapor


Dadour –  variation of Asdvadzdour meaning gift of God

Daron – A province in Armenia

Datev – An Armenian monastary. Also spelled Tatev

Davigh , Տաւիղ – Ancient Armenian harp

Dikran/Tigran – 1.fighter with arrow 2. An ancient Armenian emperor  called Tigran the Great

Dir – mythological god of Armenian letters, sciences, arts and eloquence

Dirair – man of God

Diran – derived from God (Der, Dir)

Donig/Donabed – head of celebration

Drtad – gift of God (Der, Dir)

Dvin – A village in Armenia

Dzaghig – flower

Dzovag – one with eyes the color of the sea


Gaidzag – lightning

Gadar – summit

Gaidar – active, vivacious

Garabed/Garo – forerunner, guide

Garo – looming, desire, missing someone

Gdrij – brave, courageous

Gomidas/Komitas – an Armenian priest, musicologist, composer, arranger, singer, and choirmaster, who is considered the founder of the Armenian national school of music.

Gorune/Goryoon/Gor (Go-ruin), Կորիւն– lion’s cub

Grag (guh-rawg), Կրակ – fire


Hagop – Name of a saint

Haig – giant man

Hampig / Hampartsoom – ascension of Jesus

Harout / Haro / Haroutiun – resurrection of Jesus

Hayastan/Hayasdan – Armenia

Hayaser – someone who loves the Armenian race

Haytoug (Hye-toog), Հայդուկ – A soldier in a revolutionary army

Hazar – a thousand

Heros – hero 

Hoki/Hoky – soul, spirit

Hovag / Hovagim – God rising

Hovig – 1. breeze 2. a variant of Hovhannes meaning “grace of God”

Hrad – 1.the planet Mars 2.Hot as fire

Hrag – fiery eyes

Hrahad – piece of fire

Hrair – man of fire

Hrant – unextinguishable fire

Hratch / Hratchia – one with fiery eyes

Hraztan – a river in Armenia


Ishkhan (Eesh-khan), Իշխան – prince 


Janig (Jaw-neeg), Ճանիկ- soul, spirit

Jarbig – clever, able

Jirair / Jiro – active man


Kach – brave

Kacher – many brave ones

Kail/Kayl – wolf

Kalusd – Pentecost

Kami – strong wind

Karekin – worth quadruple

Karnig – lamb

Kegham – beauty

Keghon – glory, dedication

Kero / Kerop / Kerovpe – angel, cherub

Kevork – 1. farmer 2. name of a saint

Khachadour – given by cross

Khacher – many crosses

Khachig / Khacho – cross

Khajag – blue eyed

Khosrov – An ancient Armenian King

Krikor/ Koko  – awake

Kristapor – 1.Christ bearer in Greek 2. The name of an Armenian hero, Kristapor Mikaelian


Lernig – small mountain 

Louys – light

Levon – lion (Greek origin)


Manoug – child, infant

Mardig – warrior 

Mardouni – region and city in Armenia

Masis – Mount Masis 

Mayis – The month of May

Meghri – 1.A region in Armenia 2.diminutive of meghr meaning honey

Melik – prince, king

Mesrob – inventor of the Armenian alphabet

Mher – Name of an Armenian hero

Moush – An ancient Armenian city


Nareg – 9th century saint

NayiriHistorically, Nayiri has been used interchangeably with the name Armenia. In official documentation, the Kingdom of Urartu (590 BC) is referred to as the lands of Nayiri. The literal translation is the land of canyons or river. 

Nigol – short for Nigoghos-conquerer of the people (Greek origin) 

Njteh – exile, foreigner

Norayr – new male

Noy – Noah

Nshan – Mark


Oshagan- A village in Armenia


Pailag – lightning 

Paze´ (Paw-zeh), Բազէ – falcon

Pegor (Peh-gore), Բէկոր– piece, fragment


Raffi – 1. flash of lightning 2. Glorious man

Razmig – soldier,combatant, warrior

Rshdouni – An ancient Armenian dynasty


Sahag – The first name of the creator of the Armenian alphabet

Saren– From the mountain

Sarkis/Sako – from Assyrian name “Sargis” and Persian Sarkis meaning rainbow

Saro – cypress tree

Sasoun – An Armenian province and city

Sayat – hunter in Arabic. The first name of the famous Armenian poet and musician Sayat Nova.

Sebouh – nobleman, knight 

Serop – short for Serovpe, group of angels. Also the name of an Armenian hero 

Sevan – Lake Sevan

Sevag – one with black eyes 

Shabouh – A derivative of an ancient Armenian King’s  name of Vramshapuh

Shadarev – One who sees many suns -one who lives long

Shahan – short for Shahanshah meaning king of kings

Shahe – from the verb shahil meaning to win

Shant – Lightning

Shen – joyful, cheerful

Shirag/Shirak – A village and province in Armenia

Shiraz – 1. The last name of an Armenian poet, Hovhannes Shiraz 2. short for Shirazabad meaning free as a lion

Siamanto – The pen name of a famous Armenian writerS

Sirak- 1. Famous author, William saroyan’s pen name. 2. Eyes full of love

Sipan –A mountain range in Armenia

Sis – A mountain range in Armenia 


Tavush – One of the provinces in Armenia

Torkom , Թորգոմ – Armenian progenitor Hayk’s father, fore-ancestor of Armenians

Toros – gift from God

Tro – 1. A derivative of Trasmatad meaning straight walker. 2. The name of an Armenian hero

Tvin – Ancient capital of Armenia


Vahagk/Vahakn – God of war and victory in Armenian mythology

Vahan – shield

Vahe- Persian origin meaning the best

Van/Vaughn – Name of a city and Lake in Western Armenia

Varak – Name of a mountain range and monastary in Armenia

Varouj/Varoujan – male dove

Vartan – A famous Armenian hero

Vartavar – A holiday in Armenian church

Vartkes – one with rose colored and full hair

Vatche – young boy 

Vayk Vyke – A town in Armenia

Vem – boulder 

Viken – victorious (Latin origin)

Vishab (Vee-shawb), Վիշապ – dragon

Vosdan , Ոստան – capital city, the Medieval Armenian Royal residence on lake Van (Middle name of Arshil Gorky was Vosdanig- Ոստանիկ)

Vosgam – from gold

Vram – 1. A derivative of an ancient Armenian King’s  name of Vramshapuh 2. Fiery (Persian origin)

Vrej – revenge


Yeprad – A river in Armenia 

Yeram – Flock of birds

Yerevan – Capital of Armenia

Yerchanig – happy, joyous

Yergat – iron


Zadig – Easter

Zareh – weeping, in pain

Zorair – strong man


Unisex Names

Arates – 1. A village in Armenia 2. Someone who see the glass half full Arad des

Araz  – used interchangeably for one of the largest rivers in the Caucasus, Arax River, with one of its borders being 

Arin/Areen – assumed to be  from Arun meaning bloodArmenia : Armenia!

Arek – sun

Armig – 1.short for Armine. 2.derived from the Armenian mythological name Armaniag. 3. Head of  Armenian race 

Artik – A city in Armenia’s Shirak province

Arshalooys – Dawn

Chiva/Shiva – A village in Armenia

Datev – An Armenian monastary. Also spelled Tatev

Davigh , Տաւիղ – Ancient Armenian harp

Dvin – A village in Armenia

Grag (guh-rawg), Կրակ – fire

Kami – strong wind

Louys – light

Mayis – The month of May

Meghri – 1.A region in Armenia 2.diminutive of meghr meaning honey

NayiriHistorically, Nayiri has been used interchangeably with the name Armenia. In official documentation, the Kingdom of Urartu (590 BC) is referred to as the lands of Nayiri. The literal translation is the land of canyons or river. 

Paze´ (Paw-zeh), Բազէ – falcon

Pegor (Peh-gore), Բէկոր– piece, fragment

Sevanfamous lake in Armenia and the daughter of a famous Armenian artist 🙂 

Tavush – One of the provinces in Armenia

Yerevan – capital city of Armenia


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