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Arpi Loves

Armenian Coffee/Espresso Cups

Coffee, known as “soorj,” and hospitality are huge parts of the Armenian culture. When you are having someone over, coffee is the first thing being offered. I use my coffee cups daily. My guests pick the cup that is adorned with the character they most resonate to. It’s so fun! They are a total customer favorite as well. Sold in sets of 2, 4 and 6, these are real conversation starters and perfect for entertaining!

Arpi Loves

Products that make school fun!

The child in your life will love having this unique backpack collection. Kids love expressing themselves through color and original imagery. These are truly unique AND functional art pieces that will help them connect to their cultural roots while in their academic environment. The rolling backpacks are also great for travel!

Arpi Loves


Whether you’re buying them as a gift or for yourself, you can never have enough journals! They aren’t JUST beautiful, but are also great for your mental health. There are huge scientific benefits to journaling and unpacking your day or setting intentions. Hello stress relief, clarity and better problem solving. I use a different one for every project I’m working on.

Arpi Loves


I’m a big believer that we all deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things and to have spaces which bring us JOY. What I love about my posters is that they are a super affordable way to add color, energy and positivity to any environment. Printed on quality paper, they can be easily mounted as is or they look super elegant in a frame. Hang in your home, office or classroom!