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Sosse and the Daredevils of Sassoun!

This is THEE most vulnerable and exciting announcement of my career!!! I have partnered with the amazing @twiddle_productions to produce the first Armenian themed animated feature film, in English, geared towards the international audience called Sosse and the Daredevils of Sassoun!
The visuals will be based on my characters and artwork. There’s a link to the traileron my website all the way at the bottom of any page you’re on. Please follow along our journey (and encourage us)! I will post more updates in the next few months.
This is one of the concept drawings in the character and style development phase. So much more is in the works! Stay tuned!

Please feel free to share these links!
#sosseandthedaredevilsofsassoun #artistarpi #twiddleproductions
#armeniananimation #lovearmenia


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