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“Dancing Rainbow”

So here we go: My first post launching my long anticipated, danced around it for too long, can’t wait to finally start it, absolutely exciting adventure. After 20 years of art commitment phobia, inspired and humbled by my 10 year old creating an Etsy account, I decided to grow some art wings. This is where I’ll be documenting my journey into entering the world of an illustrator venturing into the art licensing and merchandising world. I’m not sure of my exact direction yet. (I need a career GPS). I have many different project ideas that have been tunneling in my mind and heart like a tornado trapped in a bottle creating my chicken with the head cut off syndrome, but I will slow down and take it one drawing at a time…whilst taking very, very deep breaths. Anyone have a paper bag?

At this time, Ladies and Gentleman of the world, I’d like to introduce you to Rainbow.

Rainbow will be making a lot more appearances. She’s a feisty free spirit with a very colorful personality, inspired by the two loves of my heart at home.

“Dancing Rainbow” copyright – Arpi Krikorian 2014


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