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A New Year to Be Enriched – A Blog Series Part IV: Connecting with My Artistic Community

I have spent the last two Saturdays making art in “Plein Air” at a few of the most beautiful places Los Angeles County has to offer. I have enjoyed painting and illustrating alongside a group of art lovers as we do what we love to do most. These Plein Air outings have been truly refreshing, so much so that I find myself craving them during the week!

What is “Plein Air”?

The term Plein Air means – the practice of painting entire finished pictures outside, in plain air! It is a common practice in the artistic community as an exercise to help remove distractions of the day to day routines and to give the mind room to stretch. The beauty of Plein Air painting is that it allows room for interpretation and creative problem solving, but with the help of a focused subject or inspiring setting.


Our locations so far have been Pasadena City Hall and Descanso Gardens. Even though it rained the first Saturday, we found cover inside the building and thoroughly enjoyed creating under romantic raindrops!

Here are a few photos from our outings:

Pasadena City Hall – January 15th, 2022

Descanso Gardens – January 22, 2022

I am looking forward to the coming months of more Plein Air outings and watching our group grow!

If you would like to join us, please email me at hello@arpikrikorian.com to receive the schedule and to get added to the distribution email for updates and reminders!

Thank you for following along in my blog series this month. In the upcoming months, I will be sharing about exciting new opportunities and events that are unfolding in my personal and professional lives so please keep checking back. Please also follow me on Instagram @arpikrikorian for more updates of when I post a new blog!


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