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Finding your Voice

I’m taking a class about finding my voice as an artist. What that means is a tough concept to wrap my head around. I find that I work in many mediums and my work doesn’t particularly look like each other. So how do I make my art recognizable as mine? Is it in the same look, same technique, same line weight, similar themes, moods, feelings, subjects? I think what I’m learning is that it’s combination of any one of these things completed by that x factor that can only belong to you. It’s what you were meant to say, why you were put on this earth, it’s what your contribution is, it’s how your joy is defined and translated into a visual format so that others can feel that same joy. It’s the sharing of your love. That love can be towards a certain community of people, an animal, an object you adore or the fantasy, whimsical world you create. It’s what comes natural to you.It’s what you draw or paint when you know no one is going to see it. it’s you. Your voice’s transponder is your brush, your marker, your pen, whatever your tool is. The fuel of the journey is the trust in yourself.

So have I found my voice yet? No. But I feel like I’m in the right, beautiful garden playing hot/cold and I’m definitely getting warmer.

These are the sketches for my assignment to design my own version of Dick and Jane.

Exploring Dick and Jane


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