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Alumni Spotlight: Artist Arpi Krikorian Inspires Students at Alma Mater Mesrobian

Well-known artist Arpi Jinbashian -Krikorian gave Mesrobian School Elementary students a crash course in illustration this week.

Krikorian, Mesrobian Class of 1989, has worked as a full time artist at the Nickelodeon Animation Studios and is one of many Mesrobian graduates to attend Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design. She has worked on classic cartoons such as “Angry Beavers,” “Hey Arnold,” “CatDog,” and “Dora the Explorer.”

“I have great pride in being a ‘Mesrobiantsi.’ The pride in being Armenian that was instilled in me here, could not be possible anywhere else in my opinion, especially in the United States.”

Star-struck Third Grade student Megheti Cherchian was a fan of Krikorian’s work prior to her visit and couldn’t believe she was meeting Krikorian in real life.



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