Ashkhen Mug


Hand wash recommended

11 oz mug

This was a very special commissioned piece of a beautiful American-Armenian young lady named Ashkhen (Awsh-khehn) who is named after one of the Queens of Armenia (287-330 AD).

To create the drawing, I researched costuming of that time and also imagined what a Queen would wear who’s country was the connector of East and West trade from China to the Roman Empire, situated on the Great Silk Road. According to the written sources, one of the most famous regional fairs of the Chinese silks took place in the early medieval capital of Armenia – Dvin.(http://www.atb.am/en/armenia/sights/silkroad/)

The background was inspired by patterning adorning books found in the Madenataran (the institute of ancient manuscripts in Armenia). I added the pomegranate icons which are a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

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