Donate to Lebanon

My heart is broken by the recent tragic events happening in my birthplace Beirut, Lebanon. I have decided to donate 100% of profits from my school collection to the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Lebanon facilitated by the ARS Central Executive. When you purchase any item from this category, you get cool products and I will donate 100% of the profits.

As a second option, you may purchase the items and donate them to students in Artsakh. Pick the amount you’d like to donate and we will deliver school supplies equivalent to the donation to the ARS Central Executive who has arranged a direct shipment to Artsakh. The ARS Artsakh office will distribute the supplies to the local schools. So in this case, 100% of the profits would still go to Lebanon aid AND the kids in Artsakh receive much needed school supplies.


On August 4th, 2020, one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history leveled the port of Beirut, Lebanon and its surrounding cities. The blast killed 157 people, left 5000 injured and close to 300,000 homeless as their houses were destroyed. After economic collapse, political unrest, as well as the pandemic, this has left families struggling in ways unimaginable. This explosion has also released ammonium nitrate in the air, where the Lebanese public is quite literally breathing in toxicity.

The Armenian Relief Society of Lebanon is providing 3000 hot meals a week and providing desperately needed medical aid and equipment . They have also set up urgent cares at the Armenian centers with Doctors and nurses to care for anyone who needs the medical attention.

I am a proud ARS member of the Pasadena chapter and my daughter Sosse is 4th generation of the ARS women in our family.

If you would like to directly donate to ARS, here’s their link: Armenian Relief Society (ARS)