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Honoring Buster and Leo: A Recent Commissioned Piece

As an artist and a devoted dog lover, drawing my fur-babies brings me a lot of joy. Recently, a client reached out to me and asked if I would embark (no pun intended) on a deeply touching project—a portrait commission for her friend who had just lost both of her beloved dogs, Buster and Leo, within a month of each other. This experience was a tough one for me, as I, too, have been dealing with the sorrow of saying goodbye to my fur baby of 17 years, Booboo, a few months ago.



I can’t lie, starting this project was difficult. I didn’t realize how much of an impact it would have on me. The timing of the request was profound since I just recently understood the pain of losing a pet. The bond I shared with my Booboo was irreplaceable, and her absence has definitely left a void in my heart. I still find myself calling her name when I walk through the door and miss all her gentle hugs.




Now, I find solace and joy in the company of Bacheeg, who has the innate ability to change my mood and make any stressful situation better with her snobby attitude. She’s definitely the boss in our home.



Creating hand-painted pet portraits is more than capturing an image on canvas; it is about immortalizing the spirit and personality of our four-legged family members. In the process of creating these dog lover gifts, I felt a deep connection not only to Buster and Leo but also to their owner’s grief and love. Pet artwork is a way to honor the memories of our beloved companions, providing comfort and a sense of continuity. It is a celebration of the beautiful moments shared and a tribute to the everlasting bond between humans and their pets.



If you or someone you know is looking for a way to commemorate a furry friend, consider the heartfelt gift of a personalized dog painting. Whether it’s a tribute to a pet who has passed or a celebration of the bond with a current companion, custom pet portraits are a meaningful and beautiful way to honor our beloved pets. I am available for two pet portraits per month. If you are interested in learning more, please email me at hello@arpikrikorian.com. Depending on the size and style, they start at $75 per pet and up.



In memory of Buster, Leo, and Booboo, and in celebration of all the wonderful pets who touch our lives, may we always find joy in their memories and comfort in their lasting presence through art.
-Arpi Krikorian




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