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My intuitive painting process

What does my painting process look like?

In my personal work and exploration practice, I have fallen in love with intuitive painting. What that means is that there are no plans when you start. You just have to decide which art media you’d like to use (watercolor, oils, pencils, so forth).

I love using watercolor, gouache, inks or acrylics for this process. I usually start with a random color and paint it on the surface. Most of the time, the shape it creates will immediately remind me of something-kind of like my “do you see what I see” pieces or making shapes out of clouds.

Original Arpi Kirkorian Artwork

From there, I start to build the story intuitively. There’s no reference used and all the imagery is from my imagination. I LOVE layering colors and shapes. They create a sense of mystery to me and beg to reveal the story. I usually end up with some sort of florals and a face but lately, I am intrigued by abstraction and get in a trance watching color relationships emerging.

It is total creative freedom!!

Below is one of my latest pieces.

Original Arpi Krikorian Artwork

The Calling. 8″x10″ painted on canvas panel. Original artwork available for purchase.  Email hello@arpikrikorian.com


If you are inspired to do some intuitive painting yourself, I recommend to start with watercolor or inks. Wet the paper and start dripping colors into it. Watch the story emerge as the paint tries to find its place on the paper. Ask yourself what the shape or even the movement of the paint reminds you of. Is it a flower blooming? Is it a person running? Is it water? A river? Is it out in nature or does it exist in your mind?

Trust yourself to make the next mark. There are no rules. You’d be surprised what lies within you.


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