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Discovering Rebirth in the Midst of Pain

I received some great advice today which I feel needs to be shared.

I have suffered from anxiety most of my life and have been seeing a psychiatrist, my dear Dr. Grace, by telemedicine for a year and a half now. It’s been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and for my family.

Today we were discussing the excruciating physical pain I’m experiencing on most days during my recovery. I’m mentally having a hard time dealing with it. Dr. Grace said if there was a positive outlook to pain it’s to look forward to a deeper experience of joy once the pain is resolved or at least improved. Even though we don’t wish it on anyone, nothing like pain or loss will reveal to you your true strength and line up your priorities. You begin to stop wasting time on things that don’t matter. A nice walk in the neighborhood without pain becomes inspiration. The awareness of how you nourish your body all of a sudden becomes heightened because you know first hand how it reacted when it wasn’t feeling right. When you wake up in the morning without pain, the sun’s warmth and the sounds of nature become a spiritual experience which was lost in your day to day rushed life. You become humbled yet braver as your tenacity is revealed to you on a daily basis. As I am experiencing now, you become so very grateful for the kind hearts around you and truly begin to understand the verb, love. And Every day, every moment thereafter becomes a little bit more precious.

I know unfortunately many people live with pain all their lives, but even in those cases, having mental health support and coping mechanisms wises up the soul, deepens experiences, makes one more empathetic, and turns every little step forward into a big win thus inducing more joy.  I am already seeing this on some days and can not wait for it to become my every day.

My word of the year is “Pause” as I experience a rebirth with my eyes and heart wide open.

Please pass this along to anyone you feel could benefit from this as well, and thank you!


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