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The Armenian Community in Montebello, California

I drew ALOT this week! This was one of my sketches that I want to develop further.

I love the history of the Armenian community in Montebello, California. They are the descendants of the Armenian Displaced Persons of WWII – known as the DP’s. Many of the families are my friends because I attended Armenian Mesrobian School which this community built after immigrating to the US in the early 50’s from their camp in Germany. They entered through Ellis Island and eventually settled in Montebello.

My dream is to create a children’s book of their journey. I’m manifesting that dream here tonight. <3 –


In the photo which I used as a reference, a highly respected DP community member, and world-renowned dance instructor, Mr. Jora Makarian is performing in his dance ensemble with his wife Elena. I grew up with their daughter, Angela Savoian’s family. The DP’s hold such an important place in Armenian, Armenian- American and Los Angeles’ history. @uscarmenianstudies just launched a major initiative to document their story.


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