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April 24th March

I woke up thinking about our ancestors and the march of death they were forced to take in 1915. I was thinking about how because that wound is so deep, we never have stopped marching since. We have come a long way. Those skeletons have turned into living, thriving families and large communities all around the world who still carry the love of our people so strongly in our hearts. We march every April 24th as a symbol of the walk we walk every day, as Armenians, as the people who survived the unthinkable, the people who should have never been, and the people who’s pain, and suffering turned to strength and unity.

This April 24th, like every other April 24th my whole life, I’ll be marching with my family alongside my millions of brothers and sisters who will be doing the same all around the world. We’ll be doing so to send the message to our ancestors that we will never forget you and the walk you walked.
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